Leadership Profiles

Every member of our team is a dedicated professional who is attuned to our patients’ entire well-being and goes the extra mile to ensure a positive frame of mind in conjunction with healing the body.


Administrator Daniel Muskin MA, LNHA Administrator
Assistant Administrator Jordan Sobon, LNHA, MBA, MPH Assistant Administrator
Assistant Director of Nursing Elisa Jean Mary, RN, BSN, MSN, AGNP Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Director of Nursing / Director of Staff Development Nathaniel Patillo, RN, BSN Assistant Director of Nursing / Director of Staff Development
Assistant Director of Nursing Dawn Rodrigues-Glenn, RN Assistant Director of Nursing
Medical Director Christopher M. Glenn, MD Medical Director
Admissions Coordinator Daniel Farmer Admissions Coordinator
Director of Human Resources Jeannese Robinson Director of Human Resources
Patient Care Liaison Richie Iwanski Patient Care Liaison
Hospital and Patient Liaison Diana Pralgo Hospital and Patient Liaison
Director of Rehabilitation Leah Creash, OT Director of Rehabilitation
Vice President of Staffing and Recruitment Nassem Sathi Vice President of Staffing and Recruitment
Director of Clinical Assessments Fernando Valerio Director of Clinical Assessments
Director of Social Work Allison Bellin Director of Social Work
Chief Clinical Dietitian Laura Kashimer, MS, RD, CDN Chief Clinical Dietitian
Director of Environmental Sciences Marcia Gordon Director of Environmental Sciences
Director of Food Services Garfield Hinds Director of Food Services
Nurse Manager Jordanne Angus, RN, BSN Nurse Manager
2nd Floor Charge Nurse Angela McDonald, LPN 2nd Floor Charge Nurse
4th Floor Unit Manager Marie Guerrier, RN 4th Floor Unit Manager
5th Floor Charge Nurse Helen Cephus, LPN 5th Floor Charge Nurse
6th Floor Unit Manager Martine Deelesca, RN BSN 6th Floor Unit Manager
7th Floor Charge Nurse Robertine Williams, LPN 7th Floor Charge Nurse
11th Floor Charge Nurse Marcelo Fagundues, LPN 11th Floor Charge Nurse
13th Floor Charge Nurse Mark Salvador, RN 13th Floor Charge Nurse
12th Floor Unit Manager Faye Aguillon, RN 12th Floor Unit Manager
Central Supply John Gutierrez Central Supply
Wound Care Specialist / Assistant Director of Nursing Joseph Bagnoli, RN BSN Wound Care Specialist / Assistant Director of Nursing