“I love the holiday season, and while I’m not with my immediate friends and family that I’ve known for years and years, I am with my Riverside family.”
– Arthur E.

“The Riverside is such a clean and professional place that I would recommend it to anyone. They make sure that you always get in contact with your loved ones. Unfortunately, my mother couldn’t speak so they made it their business to make sure that we always had FaceTime visits with her. The therapists were great. They always called me and gave me an update on how my mother was doing in her speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The dietitian always took the time as well to call us and let us know how my mother was eating and liking the food. Every time I would do FaceTime with her she always smiled which showed that she was happy there. It was just a great experience for our whole family. We called every day to see how her progress was, and they were glad to always give us a report. This place is awesome! I love it, and I will recommend it to anyone needing rehabilitation for their loved ones. Once again, I would like to thank the staff, the directors, the nurse managers, nurses, and nurses aides that helped with the care of my mother. Thank you so much, Riverside!” – Damaris R.

“Dear Jonathan,

I was very impressed with my therapists. Gina & Caroline are a huge part of why I’m home. Of course I worked hard so that I could go home. I continue to do my exercises and each day I add more household chores. I am very independent, but I realize I can’t do it all so I will be getting a home attendant.

You have an aide who does everything extremely well. Her name is Jessie. Anyway, the bottom line is I appreciate all the work your staff did for me and I thank you. You truly are fantastic in seeing that everything runs smoothly.” – 

Margaret C. 

“I came to The Riverside because a friend of mine recommended it. When I first arrived, I did not know what to expect, but I immediately felt a really nice vibe. The people here are sweet and I feel very comfortable even though I’m in a lot of pain. I’ve had some really nice treatment here.” – B. Wallace

“The concierge team has been terrific! They are always responsive and helpful with a wonderful sense of humor.” – Kenneth B., Husband of Patient

“When I first came in I was bed-ridden and that made me feel really down; the positive attitude of The Riverside staff really brought me back to life.” – T. Tuilaepa

“My experience at The Riverside has been nothing but stellar. The staff is attentive, responsive, caring and compassionate. I would definitely come back!” – S.S.

“My therapists were extremely motivating and inspiring. I give full credit to my CNA’s and nurses for caring for me and always ensuring that I was alright.” – M.G.

“My experience at The Riverside has been excellent! The staff really care a lot about me. They want ‘me’ to get better. They provide all the tools one needs in order to recover. The nursing staff has been great, my room is always clean and if I need something, I hit the button and they answer right away!” – M. Isaacs

“When I arrived at The Riverside, it was like night and day. I had not eaten well at the hospital and the nurses tried their best to convince me to eat; however, when I came to The Riverside that all changed. The food was delicious! I ate everything off of my plate!” – S. Mirambell

“I truly thought everyone at The Riverside was kind, professional, and courteous. The Riverside was an excellent choice for my father.” – A. Alvarez

“When I came here I couldn’t walk, wrist was broken, shoulder was dislocated. I was barely functioning. The therapy has been great. Everyone is knowledgeable and very eager to help. Since I started the therapy, I have had much less pain. I really cannot thank all the therapists enough that have helped me. Now I am able to walk again, and hopefully when my wrist gets better I will be able to return to the gym again.” – M.Stone

“The Riverside has a great environment for employees, and they really care about our mental health and wellbeing. I especially love the fact that Urban Zen is available to the staff as well. There’s nothing like a little yoga/aromatherapy during a busy work day.” – Sara F. Discharge Planner

“The CNAs, doctors, and the entire staff are very accessible. The medical staff gave me clarity on my mom’s wellbeing. My mom has been to three other rehabilitation centers and this has been the best!” – M. Shourts

“I’ve been to other rehab facilities and the physical and occupational therapy at The Riverside is probably the best I’ve ever had. I couldn’t walk when I first came in and I am walking now. The staff, from the nurse aids to the wound care team, all have very caring personalities and are always there when you need them. They all have very cool personalities.”-J. Jackson

“I have so much appreciation to all the staff of The Riverside that have helped me through the hard times, like when I first came in and had difficulty even getting up. They helped me push myself through every stage, from getting up to walking, to the door and then making it to the gym, and finally being able to walk on my own. For that, I will forever be grateful.”- P. Doherty

“On Wednesdays they have ‘Lunch with the Chef’, and everything is setup so beautifully, I would welcome anyone here from my family or my friends. I could never ever forget what The Riverside has done from me; it was a beautiful experience.”-S. Lawson

“My immense gratitude to the Kitchen Manager, Garfield Hinds, and his superb Food Service Department for the large role they are playing in my loved one’s daily care at The Riverside. From the friendly personalized attention, to the healthful, nutritious, individualized and generous food selections and early meals to accommodate my loved one’s medical and dental appointments etc. – day after day.”-S. Garfinkle

“I am amazed that when my husband first arrived he needed a tremendous amount of oxygen and he could barely move. Now he is barely on the oxygen and he is walking around. I am truly amazed how when he first came in I didn’t know what to think and now I am so happy to see how much progress he has accomplished.”- R. Sugarman

“Working at the Riverside has been an extremely positive experience for me. Staff members are always willing to explain their roles and include me in discussions. It makes me feel good to help the residents and to constructively contribute to the Riverside. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and work in a facility where people try their best to provide quality care to their residents.”
-J. Feltheimer, Intern Concierge

“The therapy here is absolutely exceptional, like I said I have been to other facilities like this and I have to say the therapists and program you provide does not exist anywhere else. I go down to the gym and I do my best and I will even do exercises on my own that they have taught me. I am really doing great work here and I hope it continues. I have never experienced such compassionate, caring capable people in my entire life, the staff that work here are truly set apart from everyone I have ever come across… I have been to other places like this and I have to tell you the management that is done here is the best I have ever seen, you guys are really at the pinnacle of care.”
– M. Miltiades

“I am working here for 26 years and it has been a pleasure to work here. I am in a position to help residents and family members everyday and that is what I enjoy most about what I do. I have worked for different departments and it is great to work with such a great team for the residents.”
-M. Addaquay, Unit Clerk

“I am having a great stay here but what I enjoy the most is the people. The nursing staff that attend to me are so good to me. I like the therapy as well, it’s good and if I had a family member that needed rehab, I would send them here.” – M. Rafaat

“As the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Clinical Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work with The Riverside patients, residents and staff.  I am impressed with and grateful for the whole crew, and  for CareRite and The Riverside’s commitment to finding meaningful ways to support patients and residents. Because of Riverside’s dedication to augmenting patient care with alternative therapies, my team and I are able to bring quality integrative therapy to this population. I’m so lucky to be part of the Riverside community.” – Judy Atrubin, Urban Zen Clinical Coordinator

“I recently joined the Adult learning and Literacy Program at The Riverside and I am really enjoying it. The Recreation Team has been really great in setting up this program so that I can learn more even at this stage. When I was younger I enjoyed learning science and now I am learning Science and Reading Comprehension. I always like learning new things, so this is a really great thing to have here at The Riverside.” – G. Gross

“I love my staff because they are so talented and bring out the artistic part of me. Our department is so innovative with the support from our network, CareRite educating the therapeutic benefits of recreation. I love the people that I work alongside everyday here at The Riverside from the dietary staff to the nursing team, I feel right at home.” – C. Diamond, CTRS, CDP, Director of Therapeutic Recreation

“I just came here last night but I have to say that when I was on my way in, I was expecting less but when I got in here, this is the best place I have ever been, so nice and clean and the people are so good. From my arrival here everyone has been so pleasant and welcoming, I am really looking forward to my stay here.”
– J. Sendin

“I have been treated very well here, I have a lot of respect for the staff here who treat me very well. Whenever I need anything when it comes to medical needs, and really anything that I need, the staff are very nice to help me and provide me with anything that I need and they really look after me.”
– B. Canady

“I was here before many years ago, and I am very glad my daughter chose The Riverside again for me. I was in the hospital because they said I had a stroke so the hospital said that I should go for rehab and I am very happy I am back here again. The food here is very good and I have a very high regard for everyone here. All the services here are very good and they are all very good people.” – J. Mejia

“When I first came here I thought this would be a harrowing experience because I am so used to taking care of myself, but I have to say that on every level this has been a great experience. From the Social Worker to the CNA’s to the nurses, everyone was wonderful and I learned a lot. I realized that I even needed help and that we all work together as a team and it all work out. I would definitely recommend The Riverside to everyone that needs rehab.” – D. Santana

“The furtherance of mind, good health and return to health was made predictable by the staff of The Riverside. If I asked a question or needed something, I got it; I would recommend The Riverside to anyone that needs a rehab center. My experience was good for me on the inside and out and the true purpose of the staff here is to promote, encourage and nurture the ability of the body to heal.” – D. Patterson

“I enjoy coming to work at the Riverside. I’ve had other jobs but they’ve been just that: jobs. Working with my patients and supporting staff here feels more like a calling. The way every discipline works together ensures each patient gets optimal care and really allows me to know I can work at the top of my skills as a professional for them, all with the support to ensure the best possible outcomes.”
– A. Prichinello PLCAT, ATR

“My stay here so far has been very good, the great care that I was receiving at NY Presbyterian Hospital has continued here at The Riverside. The wound team together with the nursing team have been very good and I hope it continues like this throughout my stay. I have been to many facilities like this but The Riverside has been the best.” – Y. Smith

“Working as an occupational therapist at the Riverside has proven to be the definition of teamwork, collaboration and positive energy. The combined efforts of the interdisciplinary team are exemplary. The team work here is reflected through the positive results and reactions of the patients as well as the staff, who works together to create a successful yet challenging environment where patients are able to recover, thrive and reach a level of independence needed to successfully adapt and live in their environments.” – Sacha Khaloyan, OTR/L

“Things are going better than expected here at The Riverside, I get a lot of attention, I am able to go down to the gym and even get my hair done at the hair dresser which I think is really great to have here. People are very nice and helpful and I think the nurses and the therapists are really good. The days are long but the people here make you feel comfortable and busy so the day passes by.” – C. Toth

“I like coming to work at The Riverside because it is truly a place of healing every day. I see many new patients on a daily basis and have been given the task of escorting them to their temporary place of comfort. Seeing patients heal and become confident once again makes me both proud to be a part of the team and the process.” – S. Sterrett Receptionist

“Working in Food and Nutrition and providing the best possible meal for the residents daily is such a honor and privilege. It’s waking up each day and satisfying a purpose that is fulfilling and heartfelt. To treat the elderly the way you would want to be treated as you age, to see them as your own mom or dad is a tremendous blessing that you embrace and never take for granted.”
– Garfield Hinds, Director of Food Services

“I went last week with a group of residents to The Rockettes, it was beautiful and superb. It was a great show and it was so nice to get out and enjoy the holidays with fellow residents at Radio City Music Hall. It helped me look forward to the upcoming holidays.” – M. Sternberg

“We had the holiday party yesterday and I really enjoyed it. The food, music and photo booth was great. It was also beautifully decorated and had a great ambiance, all the staff really enjoyed the party which was catered to everyone!” – S. Henderson LPN

“The staff that you have here are so good, they are so patient. The activities that the Recreation Team puts together are really entertaining especially when we have musicians come and play for us. I am very grateful to be here because everyone here has been so good to me here.” -A. Wilson

“I love coming to work everyday. Here is why…

Exciting: I contribute to the well being of our residents, providing support to my coworkers, developing relationships with customers in all departments

Demanding: Expects to assist anybody in need.

I have a great team, good professional and emotional balance. I get respect and love and feel the same for everybody.” – Aidara Gueye-LPN, Assistant Staff Development

“I am a short term resident at the Riverside, I am here because I had an infection which required me to get a picc line in my arm and I need some therapy. I am being well taken care of here and they are taking care of my mom here too, because they send her a car to pick her up so she can come to visit me. The highlight of my time here is the professionalism here and I really like that. In addition, I am doing a lot better than I was when I first got here.”

“Many many years ago I was a volunteer in a Japanese war hospital so I can appreciate when it comes to good staff and good nurses. The staff here on my floor a truly amazing and I have only compliments and wonderful things to say about them. They are so helpful but at the same time not intrusive which is delicate balance.” – P. Thomas

“I attended the Shofer ceremony on Rosh Hashanah and it was absolutely beautiful. The Rabbi that blew the shofer was really nice, he spoke well and really did a great job. It was very nice to be a part of The Riverside on Rosh Hashanah.” – P. Barr

“I have been here for a week and I really have to say the staff couldn’t be better, they are wonderful and are so helpful, believe me. I have a wrist that can cause me pain so when I go down for therapy they give me a gel that takes away all the pain and I can do therapy. Now I can walk around and when I first came I couldn’t walk at all.” -J. Sendin

“I think the most important thing is that when I got to The Riverside I couldn’t even walk, I couldn’t put any pressure on my legs. Last week I was able to put pressure on one leg but today I walked twenty steps with a walker which was an amazing accomplishment for me. The accommodations and staff are top shelf which makes my experience here to be very good.” – E. Hopper

“My highlight everyday is the two young nurse’s aids that come and help me everyday as well as the therapy. I sing their praises they are all truly amazing and the rehab department works so well together. I worked in a healthcare facility for almost 30 years and I see how everyone works so well together which makes The Riverside amazing.” -A. Stone

“I really enjoy working with people and providing them with VIP services to and from The Riverside, being able to work with such a happy, nice and pleasant team makes it even better. It feels so good to be able to provide a special service to family members who are going through a hard time and make their day a little brighter.” -J. Delacruz, Chauffer for The Riverside

“My name is Lionel and I am currently at The Riverside Rehab and I have been here for about a month. I find it to be exceptionally well run, the employees are very friendly and the accommodations are fantastic. Prior to coming to The Riverside I was at another rehab center which was not bad but cannot compare to The Riverside in terms of décor and the service that is provided here. I hope they continue doing the great work they are doing.” – Lionel D.

“I am honored to be the Senior Veteran of The Riverside Rehab because my service meant so much to me. When I first joined the serviced I didn’t speak any English and while I was serving I learned English. I am looking forward to this year’s Veterans Day to join everyone in honoring our Veterans, the brave men and women that’s served our country.” – M. Sternberg

“First of all I would like to say my stay at The Riverside was fantastic, it is a Number 1 place. I love the way it’s run and I was very impressed by the staff that work there. I got very lucky to have Jeany as my nurse, she took care of me every morning and got me up and running she was fantastic. The therapy was great, it was very very good and the therapists were great especially Steve who really got me back up and going. I was unfortunate to go to another rehab place not too far away and you really can’t compare the therapy and care you get at The Riverside.” -D. Martin

“Working at The Riverside is a very rewarding experience. I truly look forward to coming to work everyday, working with our dynamic team. I have such admiration for the Nursing Staff who work so diligently in caring for our residents which is amazing. I could not be a leader if I didn’t have a great support staff. Each day there are new challenges, but what I know is The Riverside is not only a rehabilitation facility but a home to others! We are truly one big happy family.”- Caroll Morgan, RN,MSN,ANP/GNP-BC, Director of Nursing

“The rehab has been very very good and the therapists are really knowledgeable in what they do. I saw progress right away and it gave me enthusiasm to go to the gym and try to stay young. My room that I got was great, I liked my roommate a lot and we got along really well.” -L. Fields

“The Riverside really went above and beyond for celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary. The violinist and delicious menu was way above and beyond our expectations and we really truly appreciate everything you do from the care you give to my wife to the special party you made for us, it was so nice.” -R. Poda

“I have always been a people person and I enjoy being of service to others. I work for an organization that cares for and respects the people that they care for and employ. It is a joy each day to greet my fellow co-workers and the residents/patients here at The Riverside. We all work very hard to make it ‘a beautiful day at The Riverside.'”- Gloria A., Executive Administrative Assistant

“The therapy has been really great here so far, when I first came in after my amputation I really wasn’t able to do much and now in less than 2 weeks after my amputation I am able to get up and walk around! The staff have really been amazing in making me feel much better physically and emotionally. I have so much more energy than when I first arrived to The Riverside.” -D. Hayes

“I am at The Riverside for rehabilitation and this place is excellent, everyone from every single department goes beyond their duty. I would really like to point out a few of my nurse’s aides, Miss Smith, Miss Atkins, Miss Bell and Miss Sanchez who have really gone beyond their duties. My Physical and Occupational therapy and the food has been great too.” -T. Curto

“The rehabilitative staff were excellent, Joan and Jason were fantastic with spending a lot of time with me and working with me. My Social Worker, Lynn Polasky, was wonderful. She helped from when I arrived; she handled my case very well and she was always there for me whenever I needed her.” -L. Pizzicara

“First and foremost, I am super competitive and love a good challenge. With that being said, working here at The Riverside fulfills both likings. Each day I can always look forward to a new and exciting challenge. Secondly, Team work is nothing less than spectacular on several occasions I have witnessed how fortunate I am to be a part of such a team oriented community. I will always be grateful and cherish these moments at the The Riverside.” -Shermaine Prince, Director of Engineering

“I have been a patient at The Riverside since May and it is really the most extraordinary experience, I came here for rehab and wound care which has been impeccable. I want to note that the rehab here is exceptional and I have gotten rehab from quite a few other places and I must applaud the Urban Zen team for what they do. I really believe that Urban Zen and modern medicine is the future and the ability of having those two together will change the world.” -P. Barr

“All the staff is very nice, it’s hard for me now to get around but the staff are helping me a lot. I feel like I am right at home with the view I have and the rehab staff go above and beyond to help me get back on my feet. Everyone here has really been pampering and babying me.” -A. Torres

“The staff here have been extra special, they have not only gotten me things that I asked for but they even took care of me and got me things that I didn’t even asked for. The therapy is coming along very well and I feel like there has been progress so I am very happy here.” -L. Edmond

“I have been back and forth from The Riverside for a bad fall and a few follow up surgeries. I enjoyed coming back to the same floor every time as was familiar with all the staff. This time around I got a beautiful large room and everyone has been very nice to me. I am going home and I am very grateful.”
-M. Cooney

“The help here is wonderful from all the staff on the floor to all the therapists, everyone is great. The Solarium is really nice and has a beautiful view that my wife and I enjoy. The Recreation Team is also great, yesterday we had one of the therapists play some guitar in the room and it was fantastic.”
-J. Schoenbaum

“Everything here has been good for me, the staff are very nice and pleasant. I was very lucky to get the beautiful view I have from my room. The food is very good, and the therapy has been great, I really like my therapists.” -Y. Saint-Victor

“Everything at The Riverside has been great, my view is fantastic and the staff is fantastic. The therapists have made me work hard but I have seen so much progress. Everyone here has really worked so hard here to make me feel like a human being again.” – G. Tzortis

“I love being a part of the Riverside Team. It’s always so nice to welcome new patients/ families, and to help them along on their journey to recovery. I consider it a privilege to work at The Riverside.”
– Marianne Kane, LMSW, Director of Social Services

Resident provided testimonial in Spanish:

“Mi experiencia en el Riverside ha sido maravillosa. No hay un trato mejor que esto en cualquier lugar, estoy muy satisfecho con el Riverside. El personal es maravilloso y me siento muy bien con ellos. Son muy y me tratan muy bien gracias a Dios.” -F. Paulino


“My experience at The Riverside has been wonderful. There is no better treatment than this anywhere, I am very pleased with The Riverside. The staff are wonderful and I feel very good with them. They are very and they treat me very well thank God.” -F. Paulino

“I will be going home tomorrow and I have to say that the nursing staff from the aides to the nurses were all very nice and helpful throughout my stay. My therapists, especially my physical therapist, really stood out and helped me through my recovery.” -H. Hoogenboom

“If I had any friends that needed a Rehab Center, I would definitely tell them to come to The Riverside. The nurses and nurses aides are fabulous, they really help you in every which way. When I first came it was hard for me to realize how hard it was for me to get around but the therapists really worked with me and now I am walking around, it feels amazing.” -A. Papkoff

“The whole experience for me having my husband here was really great, The Riverside even provided transportation to come visit my husband. All the staff have been really nice and treated my husband very well, whenever he rang the bell they came immediately and asked him what he needed. Everyone really looked out for him, he was always clean and dressed and he enjoyed the meals.” -J. Ramos

“I enjoy everything about The Riverside but I especially enjoy the recreation programs. I enjoy going to Movie Night and Mocktail Hour and really all the other recreation activities. I was able to make so many new friends here that I enjoy spending time with every day. All the staff here treat me so well I feel like I am a VIP.” -D. Hertstein

“The Riverside is beautiful, the room that I got really lifted my spirits. I wake up every morning and see the sun rise and go to sleep seeing the sunset. The staff here are so friendly and it so nice of them to take the time to talk to me and make me feel good. It really helped me through my recovery.” -H. Bennua

“Working at The Riverside as Director of Rehab has been an amazing experience. I am very proud to work with 50 compassionate therapists ranging from Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapists who provide an exceptional level of skilled therapy. Our treatments are individualized to each resident’s needs which allows us to achieve one success after another. It’s a very rewarding feeling to see our residents happily discharge home feeling so much stronger and healthier.” -K. Hugh OTR-L MSC

The staff, from the nurses to the doctors and housekeeping are really good people, they are nice and do their job well. The Physical and Occupational therapists are really good, they come and give me great therapy. The food is delicious and I am really happy that I am here.” -D. Jackson

“I enjoy watching the residents come in from the hospital, begin their therapy and get better. We work together with nursing as a team to have the best possible outcomes so that the residents can get home safely as soon as possible. Every resident stays consistently with the same therapists throughout their stay to keep the therapy sessions consistent.” -B. Bacon, PTA

“Working at The Riverside has been an amazing opportunity, the team here really works tirelessly to ensure that all of our residents are getting the exceptional care we provide. It is very gratifying to know that as a team member I am able to help residents and their families start their road to ReNewal™.” – K. Berwa, Assistant Director of Admissions

“The staff at The Riverside from Nursing and Social Work to Dietary showed compassion and patience to my mother from when she was admitted. I stayed with my mother for the first few days but soon felt very comfortable leaving my mom alone with the team here at The Riverside. I would recommend The Riverside to anyone!” -L. Sapp

“All of the residents love me and I love them, yesterday one of the residents handed me a flower before they left to go back home. It’s hard sometimes when you get to know a resident so well and then they go back home but I am very happy for them at the same time.” – P. Galumette, CNA

“I like it here so much, the staff here are so good to me. The people and place here are very clean so it is very nice to be here. I have such a beautiful room that I stay in, when I open the window in the morning I see the beautiful view of the river.” -E. Lau

“It has been great, everyone is very social and friendly. The food is very good and the therapy is great. It’s so nice to see that the staff are here because they want to help us get better.” -J. Torres

“The staff are very caring and kind, they came and took me out to the park. What can I say, everything was really wonderful and I enjoyed immensely. The therapists were really nice, it was so encouraging when they told me “you’re doing great” and especially when they told me I’m going home.” -I. Depuis

“I enjoy everything about The Riverside but I especially enjoy the recreation programs. I enjoy going to Movie Night and Mocktail Hour and really all the other recreation activities. I was able to make so many new friends here that I enjoy spending time with every day. All the staff here treat me so well; I feel like I am a VIP.” – D. Hertstein

“I broke my femur, it was a freak accident. The experience here has been wonderful, The Riverside is a hidden gem, the staff work so hard to make you the best you you can be. I have been inspired and encouraged all along the way, the therapists and nurses are wonderful and take care of you. I just can’t say enough about this place, they really focus on therapy.” -C. Fahey

“The attention that the staff has given to me is amazing, they are very caring, compassionate and loving. Their number one priority is my comfort which to me is the most important aspect of my healing. They all go above and beyond of what they are supposed to do, they ask me do I need anything and that allows me to rest and get better.” -P. Heyligar

“My experience at The Riverside has been excellent, the therapy is far superior than anywhere else I’ve experienced. What’s unique is the physical therapist and occupational therapist talk to each other and put together a custom therapy program for each resident. The nursing staff make you feel good, they make you feel alive and want to go to those therapy sessions and do well.”-E. Carlson

“I like working at The Riverside; the Nurse, Social Worker and Dietician that I work with make a great team. We really have a great team of Doctors here who work all together for our residents. The Riverside has really taken it to a new level not only with the renovations but with also providing exceptional care by a great team to our residents.” -Doctor P. Chang

“I really enjoy Nursing Home Week because it gives us a chance to show recognition for all the hard work we put in everyday. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our community for making a difference in the lives of our residents.” -Nicole Sutton, Kitchen Production Manager

“I really appreciate all the staff here at The Riverside but it is so nice to see all the staff getting appreciated for all that they do. During Nursing Home Week everyone gets appreciated even the residents, we all got a teddy bear with a personal card written to us, it was so nice, cool and different.” -S. Walker

“Everybody here has been really good, the nursing staff and everyone here that is taking care of me. My therapists who have done a great job with me and have really helped me with my therapy. They made it possible for me to walk and hopefully I will be able to go home soon.” -A. Diaz

“We had an amazing Cinco De Mayo celebration today in our Solarium. The music, food and entertainment was so much fun. Everyone really had a good time!” -F. Hernandez

“I really like my room and it’s helping me in my recovery. My therapy has been awesome, my therapists are helping me move around like I used to before I fell. All the staff here are amazing, I used to be a Social Worker and I have to say my Social Worker, Ilana is awesome, she is very very good.”-R. Wright

“The Riverside has been very good to me, the therapy is great and really helping me. All the staff are very friendly and nice, they really make you feel good and help you in your recovery. I am very happy to be here at The Riverside.” -A. Cherry

“I am incredibly happy with The Riverside, the staff know me and are aware of my needs, they are always offering their assistance. The rehab is intensive and they really know their stuff, they are caring and they really help everyone.” -M. Atkins

“Working for The Riverside Rehab for almost three years, I must say how wonderful it is to experience excitement and happiness walking into work every single day.  From seeing the joy on our resident’s faces to my smiling colleagues, the atmosphere at The Riverside Rehab exudes positive energy.  I am lucky to get to work at such an amazing company, and look forward to the continued growth of this community.”-S. Mastro Director of Admissions

“I love my job!  Every time I walk through The Riverside doors, I come with the mindset of making a difference. The most rewarding part of my job is helping and caring for the elderly.” -B. Arias Reception/Concierge

“I really love The Riverside, the people here who help us are so nice. I enjoy going to therapy everyday and I feel improvement everyday. The other residents here are very nice and keep me company. The rooms are beautiful.”-M. Vazquez

“I have never been to a rehab center before and when I came I was nervous that I wouldn’t do so well but The Riverside Team has really helped me recover, succeed and make me feel better about myself.” -S. Seising

“I have come a long way with my health, at first when I arrived I couldn’t really walk and the rehab team has been amazing. Johan my physical therapist has been wonderful, he really helped me gain my balance and stand on my feet. The staff here at The Riverside as a whole have had a tremendous role in helping me in my recovery.” -A. Baker

“I feel like a million dollars and I attribute that to the wonderful amazing staff here at The Riverside, the staff are attentive, caring, right on point and knowledgeable. They all make me feel right at home even though I am not and this has really helped me heal and fell better about myself.” -R. Ortiz

“I can’t begin to tell you the exhilarating stay I have been having at The Riverside, all the staff here from the nurses aids to the management staff have been absolutely wonderful to me and it made me feel like a person. When I first came I couldn’t walk and now I’m walking, I would have to say that is because of the amazing bed manners here.” -M. Turner

“I have been well taken care of here at The Riverside, I got all my medication and feel much better now. Therapy is terrific, my therapists are wonderful and I look forward to my sessions. When I first came I had a tough time taking the stairs and now I can walk up three flights! My room is very nice and I can see my house from here.” -B. Gibbs

“I’ve been here five weeks and I think it is a wonderful experience. I had a stroke seven years ago and I wish that I had come here. The people here are lovely, my therapists are absolutely wonderful and I truly feel that for anyone that needs rehab, they should come here.” -J. Otten

“I enjoy everything that The Riverside has to offer, I love the Solarium and really enjoyed Lunch with the Chef, it tasted like I restaurant food. The food in the dining room is very good, I really enjoy everything at The Riverside.” -L. Franklin

“I really enjoy working at The Riverside, it is very professional in a great environment and the team here is really supportive. One of the highlights are the fact that I get to interact with the residents and really see them improving their health.” -T. Watts, EVS Department

“Everything here is going well, therapy is awesome, the therapists are friendly, funny and really care about you. They push you enough so that there is great progress but are still comfortable. I am lucky to get a really beautiful view, it’s helping me throughout my stay here.” -M. Cooney

“When I first came to The Riverside I was obese, I weighed 316 lbs and now I weigh 245 lbs. The therapy and exercises here has really helped me become much healthier. When I first came I was unable to walk around and now I can walk around like anyone else.” -G. Jackson

“I’ve enjoyed staying her at The Riverside, the therapy is terrific, my therapists are wonderful. The food is great, everyday is a new surprise. I really enjoy the recreation activities you have, the concerts and entertainment are great. It really makes my stay here easier.”-S Aarons

“The staff here is very nice and attentive, they are very patient and really care for me. I enjoy the yoga classes you have it’s a real workout for my legs. The nurses are really nice and always allow me to ask them questions. Therapy is very good, I have the same therapists and they are very attentive. The Riverside is good place to be.” -E. Rodriguez

“I’ve been here five weeks and I think it is a wonderful experience. I had a stroke seven years ago and I wish that I had come here. The people here are lovely, my therapists are absolutely wonderful and I truly feel that for anyone that needs rehab, they should come here.” – J. Otten

“I have been well taken care of here at The Riverside, I got all my medication and feel much better now. Therapy is terrific, my therapists are wonderful and I look forward to my sessions. When I first came I had a tough time taking the stairs and now I can walk up three flights! My room is very nice and I can see my house from here.” – B. Gibbs

“I’ve enjoyed staying here at The Riverside; the therapy is terrific, my therapists are wonderful. The food is great, everyday is a new surprise. I really enjoy the recreation activities you have, the concerts and entertainment are great. It really makes my stay here easier.” – S. Aarons

“The staff here is very nice and attentive, they are very patient and really care for me. I enjoy the yoga classes you have, it’s a real workout for my legs. The nurses are really nice and always allow me to ask them questions. Therapy is very good, I have the same therapists and they are very attentive. The Riverside is good place to be.” – E. Rodriguez

“Everything here is going well, therapy is awesome, the therapists are friendly, funny and really care about you. They push you enough so that there is great progress but are still comfortable. I am lucky to get a really beautiful view, it’s helping me throughout my stay here.” – M. Cooney

“When I first came to The Riverside I was obese, I weighed 316 lbs and now I weigh 245 lbs. The therapy and exercises here has really helped me become much healthier. When I first came I was unable to walk around and now I can walk around like anyone else.” – G. Jackson

“I enjoy everything that The Riverside has to offer, I love the Solarium and really enjoyed Lunch with the Chef, it tasted like I restaurant food. The food in the dining room is very good, I really enjoy everything at The Riverside.” -L. Franklin

“I really enjoy working at The Riverside, it is very professional, in a great environment and the team here is really supportive. One of the highlights are the fact that I get to interact with the residents and really see them improving their health.” -T. Watts, EVS Department

“My experience here has been better for my health, I now know how to eat right and I’m taking care of my wound. The team on my floor has been great, everything has been really good and they have been helping me every step of the way.” – S. Walker

“They really keep us well entertained with activities like art and poetry. The therapy here is really good and they were able to show and explain to me exactly why I was having pains and how the exercises were able to help me get better and stronger.” – J. Smith

“This week I got the news that I may have to get both my legs amputated and my life changed in one second. I was totally in the dark because I never dreamed in a million years that I would be in this situation. Today, Todd and Dennis from the CareRite Walking School came by and really gave me the time and explained to me what it means to have an amputation. I now feel so much better and am really considering to go ahead with the guidance they provided” -S. Brisach

“I am enjoying my stay at The Riverside. The staff are very attentive, pleasant and professional. The rehab is absolutely the best, because it really has gotten me back on my feet when I really thought I would never be able to and it has been really wonderful.” – M.Cunningham

“Today was a good day, I started serious therapy with my two therapists from OT and PT. They are motivating me to walk again in addition to transfering from my wheelchair to the bed and also to learn how to use a walker. People here are very polite and it is a real pleasure to be here.” – J. Graham

“Being a team member here at The Riverside allows me to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We are privileged to have the daily rewarding experience of assisting patients and residents return to the lives they once lived. The best part of my day is interacting, relating to and providing reassurance to patients and their families of remarkable future success!”– K. Hatfield Brand Ambassador

“I feel like this place is my home even though I am a short term rehab resident. The food is very good, it’s clean and I have the freedom to walk around. When I had therapy, the therapist would always explain to me what I was doing and that was very comforting. When my family came to visit, they told me what a nice place this is and that made me feel good.” -A. Vega

“It has been a great experience in many ways. The PT and OT has been really wonderful, I am making improvements but more importantly I am making improvements by understanding what I am doing. I understand now how my body works, I also learned a lot about nutrition. I feel really welcome and comfortable here, my bed has been the most comfortable I’ve had from any other facility I’ve been to. The staff are really nice and it is a great relationship because they make me feel comfortable.” – R. Galgano

“I came here from Bellevue Hospital and when I got here I couldn’t move and now I walk with a cane and I will be going home soon. They take great care of me, they take care of my medical needs and everything else. The food is good and the people here are great. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be.”
– A. Garber

“I like the staff here. When it comes to helping me, I feel that the staff are here for me. I have a great relationship with my therapists and I feel that I am progressing. They always make sure I understand why and what I am doing during therapy sessions. Next year I will need another knee replacement and I am definitely going to return to The Riverside for rehab.” -J. Deluise

“My stay here has been going very well, I am very pleased with the therapy. My CNA’s are absolutely wonderful, they have become family to me, I look forward to when they come on their shift and they take very good care of me. I have always gotten answers to all my questions.”- J. Scarola

“There are many different things that make The Riverside an amazing community to work for. From the outstanding staff, to the positive vibe and environment you get when you walk through the door. At the end of the day interacting with the residents makes it all worthwhile.” – F. Jordan, Admissions Coordinator

“I came to The Riverside for rehab, and I have been to several rehab centers prior to my stay here. The Riverside is the best place I have ever been, the staff is amazing, the gift bag is really nice and the building is gorgeous. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but The Riverside. I thank you for allowing me to be here at The Riverside.” -J. Sweat

“I was discharged from your facility on Monday. I wanted to thank you and the staff for all of your help, they welcomed me and made every accommodation to enhance my stay. I would also like to thank the Social Worker and Doctor who arranged my safe discharge.” -E. Kon

“When I went out to the hospital, the social worker asked me where do I want to go for rehab, I told them the only place I want to go to is The Riverside. It is the best place to be, they take such great care of me and I feel much better.”- I. Hayblum

“I enjoy working at The Riverside, it is a good place to work. Everyone gets along, the staff are always very nice. The best part is the residents will sometimes share with me their life story and they are happy to see me.”-R. Mondesir, CNA

“The Physical Therapy is amazing, they push me and get me to lift my arms up with weights. The rooms are very clean and comfortable, and the staff are really nice and caring, I really like them. I am very happy to be here.”- R. Dasilva

“There are some very nice people here, I never feel lonely, all the other people here are so friendly and keep me company. I like the rehab and my therapists, are very respectful, The Riverside is a place where I can live, it’s very clean.” – E. Reaves

“I arrived to The Riverside a few weeks ago and it’s been such a great experience. The rehab team here is so nice to me, they make me feel so good. I also love all the different activities especially Lunch with the Chef. I feel great and I’m ready to go home.”
-C. Esposito

“I’m an artist and I also like poetry and so I was able to enjoy our poetry activities with our recreation department. I enjoy The Riverside so much I hope to bring over some of my friends to sing for the residents during the holidays. I did so well in rehab that when I go home I will be joining the local gym. Thank you to all the amazing staff for everything.”
-M. Camp

“The rehab is very good, I really enjoy the food also. Overall I really enjoy being here because they are helping me. I couldn’t stand before I came here but since I have been doing the rehab I noticed lots of improvement. I know I have more to go but I am just so happy that I am here.”
-V. Clark

“I am now staying at The Riverside, I like the rehab it’s very good for me it makes me stronger. I also like all the activities especially the Men’s club. They did a really nice job with renovations, the building looks really good. All the staff are really nice to me, I like all of them especially my social worker.”
– F. Hernandez

“I came to The Riverside as a short term resident for rehabilitation, the nurses have been great and the rehab center has been excellent. After two weeks I am feeling a lot better and looking forward to going home.”
-A. Brown

“Being able to see how our resident’s progress and going back home getting the quality of life they deserve is an amazing experience for me as a therapist. Working here at The Riverside allows me to work alongside a team of staff that gives the highest quality of care to our residents. I am proud to work here at The Riverside.”
-R. Azuelo, PTA

“The service, the food – it’s wonderful! IT’s so great to have nice people like you checking on me. When I came here, I was in a wheelchair and just after a couple days, now I can walk!”
– T. Shayne (resident)

“You’re doing a great job at making me comfortable. I’m also glad to know it’s so close to my home.”
– M. Emory

“When I first came here all I thought was – it’s beautiful! I mean…look at these views! They are very kind to me and when I first got here I was hungry and they got me a sandwich right away. It’s been so overwhelming to see how concerned and kind the staff is here. I just thought I should tell someone that. It’s really overwhelming – in a good way!”
– L. Tomme

“It is beautiful here! I love the renovations from when I was here last time. The set-up is so nice!”
– S. Robinson

“When I first came, I liked the whole family-feel about it. I like my roommate and the fact that everyone is so friendly here – it’s nice.”
– E. Aaron

“It is nice – I like it. Before his last hospital stay he was at another place and it was so old and honestly, it felt like a jail; we hated it. But here, it’s so nice and he just got here and already received a welcome gift and someone came around offering playing cards and puzzles. It’s so nice!”
– W. Ng (Family Member)

“I was here a year ago and I tell everyone about the place! Everyone has fulfilled my remembrances because everyone has been so friendly and nice.”
– P. A. Harper

“I love it here. I’m so glad and happy to be back! This place is great. The Social Worker at the hospital had asked me who else I might want incase I couldn’t come back here and I said, ‘The Riverside.’ I was only coming here!”
– H. Patterson

“I love my therapist – she has me doing things I didn’t know I could do.”
– B. Cotton

“There are so many nice, beautiful people here that have come to see me. Great people work here. I never feel rushed by anyone who comes to see me.”
– I. Marmolejos

“Debbie, Dolly, and Jessie are absolutely fabulous CNAs. They are truly wonderful. You can tell how compassionate they are – they don’t just do this as a job, but because they are meant to do it. Also, it is nice to know if something comes up, everyone tends to the problem right away. It definitely puts me and my sisters more at ease and makes us feel more comfortable. I will definitely be recommending this place.”
– R. Ong (Resident’s son)

“Everyone has been so nice here and everything is going great so far. I was quite anxious to see what I was getting into but I was so impressed when I got here. It’s clean and that’s very important to me.”
– O. Lorenzi

“I just got here and I have had so many people who have come to check on me. It’s really reassuring to know that everyone cares.”
– J. Ward

“It was terrible being at the hospital…but look at it here! This view that I have is incredible. I was so happy when I got here. It was a nice atmospheric change. Everyone has been so wonderful.” -R. Azpiazu

“I have people taking care of my wound here who are excellent. My Doctor is so impressed with how well it is being taken care of that he is saying I may not need to have another operation on it after all. They were even saying that I could potentially go home sooner than they thought!”
– V. Cooke

“…It’s a wonderful place with really terrific people working here.”

“Night and day difference from the last facility we were at. I can really feel the kindness and the smiles mean so much.”

“…Therapy was dynamite, my room was perfect- it’s a 1st class operation at The Riverside.”

“Everyone here was wonderful, truly considerate and caring. Its nice to know places like this still exist. ”

“The rehab here is good. I exercise two times a day. If you believe you can do it, you can. I get better each day.”

– B. Felix

“I enjoy being at the Riverside for the care and love the nurses and CNAs give me. The feeling of care is so wonderful. The CNAs and nurses help me to get a more independent feeling, from the caring that they show. The dietician is wonderful too… she arranges very good meals for me. I’m a diabetic.”

– G. Smith

“…Many great activities and events like the “Resident Art Show” and all the wonderful concerts, a Juliard performance, a jazz band… It’s really astounding! Now I don’t want to leave! I wish I had more time and I had taken advantage of all the great things happening here. And everyone is so nice. I am being discharged tomorrow, but I would like to come back and volunteer when I have my strength back!”

– B. Klein

“We were very impressed by and grateful for the therapy support George received during his stay at The Riverside. His physical therapist’s enthusiasm, encouragement and expertise made a huge difference, His occupational therapist was very knowledgeable and caring, and was a delight to work with. We honestly looked forward to both of George’s daily sessions and will use much of what we learned as George recovers at home.”

– Family of G. Blahdotany

“I volunteer regularly for Bingo with the seniors. I have never seen an event [ like the Gingerbread House of Magic ]… no idea it would be this great! Next time you do anything for the community again I will tell everyone I know to come! It was fantastic!”

– Carla (volunteer)