Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program Tailored for the Patient with Cancer

Mission Statement

At the Riverside, we have designed a first of its kind comprehensive rehabilitation program that focuses on patients with a cancer diagnosis. We believe in a 3 pillar system built on sub-specialist driven medical care guided by your cancer doctors (surgeon and/or oncologist), focused cancer-specific physical therapy, and psychosocial services geared toward the complex needs of cancer patients. Our goal is to turn the tide against cancer by providing you with individualized care that focuses on the person as a whole.

Three pillar Oncology Care Plan

Medical Care:
It allows your surgeon, medical and radiation oncologist to guide the medical care you receive at the Riverside according to their expert instructions (communication with your cancer care team to update your progress and quickly address any new concerns expeditiously). With your doctors’ guidance, we tailor a plan individualized to your needs to optimize your physical condition as you prepare for the next steps in your fight against cancer.

Physical Therapy:
Our world-class physical therapists deliver cancer-specific physical therapy that helps strengthens you and overcome the obstacles related to the surgery, cancer, or side effects from the treatment.

Treatment of lymphedema (excess fluid collection in the tissues causing swelling which can be related to cancer, surgery, or radiation treatment). These symptoms can be very distressing from a physical or cosmetic standpoint and we understand that addressing these needs in a compassionate, effective manner can make a big difference in your fight against cancer.

Myofascial Release- gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create myofascial restrictions that can produce pressure and pain that is chronic and debilitating.

Promotes independence through education in proper body mechanics and movement Self-treatment instruction | Enhancement of strength Improved flexibility | Postural and movement awareness

We know that cancer not only affects the body, but can often be distressing from an emotional, financial, and logistical standpoint. Our experienced social work staff and psychologists help you through this process by optimizing resources available for you. Provide educational materials regarding your diagnosis | Group therapy lead by experienced social workers Facilitating access to resources through engagement with various cancer societies and organizations that assist with disability benefits, social security benefits, and insurance coverage. Aid in the application process for transportation assistance | Connect you with legal assistance groups