The Riverside Veteran’s Day Program

We had an AMAZING program today! Here is a short synopsis of the event:


There were 35 residents who attended the event. Staff from Nursing Administration, Administration, Recreation, Concierge, and Business Office was also present, along with family members of certain residents.

Recreation therapist Channing Shippen opened the festivities with a few Veteran-favorite classic songs, such as the Army song, Marine song, Navy song & Air force song. Our Administrator, Michael Deyo then officially welcomed the attendees, speaking about how truly proud we are of all our Veterans, and then introduced our special guest, First Lieutenant Myles Melnicoff. He gave a truly beautiful speech, relating to our Vets in a way that only someone who has actually served in the armed forces can.


Mr. Deyo then spoke about our special honoree, Mr. Manfred Sternberg, a resident of The Riverside and our oldest WWII Veteran. He presented him with a medal of appreciation and thanked him for the amazing service he provided our country. I then took over, speaking to our Vets about the importance of recognizing them and the necessity for us to give back to our Vets for their service; and how proud I am of our new Veterans program and all the amazing feedback we are receiving from it.


I then introduced the Director of Rec. Chloe Hodgson, who read an article from Nov. 6th TIME magazine about a double amputee Army Veteran who ran the NYC marathon. It was an inspiring and emotional story and gave us all a sense of pride for his accomplishments and all Veterans he was representing. I- with Channing backing me up on guitar- then sang the “Star Bangled Banner” and “God Bless America”. I paid a special tribute to all the soldiers in service that we lost over the years by singing “You Raise Me Up” solo, as well. Rec Therapists Evan Getz & Channing Shippen continued to play more patriotic and Americana live music for our residents and attendees. Refreshments were served: special cupcakes, fruit, juice, tea and coffee.
Gift bags were handed out to all who attended. Many people exclaimed what a fantastic event it was and how nice it was to have such an esteemed guest speaker attend, honoring the veterans.


Shared by Abe Cohen, Director of Concierge Services