Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (October 2016)

Admission Date: 10/14/16
Admitted From: New York Weill Cornell Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: Goal is home
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Short term rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Avery Ornstein, Social Worker

Miss. Y. Smith was admitted to The Riverside on October 14, 2016, in which she presented with diagnoses of lymphedema of both legs, cellulitis and venous stasis. Upon admission, Miss. Smith required extensive skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services to support her health and intent of returning home.

Miss. Smith shared, “I arrived to The Riverside from New York Weill Cornell Hospital where I was treated very well, especially when it came to my wounds. The care that I got at the hospital was very good and I was nervous to go to a rehab facility as my past experiences were not good. I had been to several facilities before and each one lacked in care, therapy and attention to the patients so when the social worker at the hospital told me that they wanted to send me to The Riverside, I was, as you can imagine very nervous to come here. I was very happy to see when I arrived that everyone that I encountered was nice, sweet and pleasant. They really cared for my wellbeing and wanted to see me fully recover. I have some pretty bad wounds, but the wound team here really took over from where the hospital left off. I went to a Doctor’s appointment just a few days ago back at the hospital and they were really pleased to see how my wound was healing. The staff have been very helpful and especially nice. It is a real fresh breath of air to have a great experience like this and it is a very accomplishing feeling to be progressing with my recovery on a nice pace. I am extremely happy to be here and get the great care that I need and I really hope that the care continues the way it is going so far.”

With the interdisciplinary effort by all departments at The Riverside, Miss. Smith has made significant progress in moving toward her accomplished goal of returning home!