Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (May 2019)

Patients Age: 60

Admitted From: Mt. Sinai West

Discharged To: TBD

Length of Stay: 50 Days

Reason for Stay: Short-term rehabilitation

How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Hospital Social Services

Miss. Amita Zeneb is a wondrous professional singer, songwriter, dancer, and Broadway star who was admitted to Mt.Sinai West on March 20th, 2019 for shortness of breath and swollen lower extremities. Her mobility was hindered to 6 feet due to tightness in her chest upon exerting herself around her apartment. Prior to admission, Miss. Amita had been suffering from a virus for the past 14 months.

The virus left her completely drained and not being able to perform her true passion dance. As the months passed, she went from doctor to doctor searching for the reason why she was so weak.

Doctors placed her on multiple medications for blood pressure, yet there was still no resolving her ongoing weakness. Her friend rushed him to Mt. Sinai West to find answers. After two hours, the medical staff diagnosed Miss. Amita with the following: chronic atrial fibrillation and muscle weakness.

Medical staff determined that atrial fibrillation was the primary cause for Miss. Amita’s difficulty to ambulate, causing a tremendous amount of stress to the heart, which led to difficulty breathing resulting in an asthma attack. Fluctuation in her weight became sporadic, with the increase in fluid retention in her legs. The Atrial chamber of the heart was only working at 25%, medical staff took her off two of the three blood pressure medications. While recovering in the hospital, the medical staff evaluated Miss. Amita on her ability to walk. It was determined that she needed consistent physical therapy as well as occupational therapy. Social workers presented her with a list of skilled nursing facilities. With the stroke of her pen, she picked The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation Center. The Dancing Queen of Broadway was admitted on April 2nd, 2019.

Upon arrival at The Riverside, Miss. Amita was greeted by department managers and staff members. Our concierge team was present upon arrival to offer her the proper Riverside Greeting Bag; as well our personal assurance that if there was anything she needed from us we would be there for her. Her stay was going very well until a physical therapy session induced an asthma attack.

While every day presented its own set of challenges, she continued to write her life story. On certain days she could write a few pages, other days she could write a hundred pages. While she was writing her book she was also writing a Broadway Musical about her childhood. Her accomplishments continue, as of now she is able to walk 9 ½ blocks to Starbucks with her exceptional physical therapist. She will soon be discharged home with a physical therapist coming to see her. Miss. Amita, the Dancing Queen of Broadway, will be returning home to her friends within the week. On behalf of The Riverside Rehabilitation Center, Miss. Amita please keep in touch throughout your travels and keep up the stellar work. We look forward to purchasing your book online!