Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (December 2019)

Patients Age: 72

Admitted From: Mount Sinai Medical Center

Discharged To: Assisted Living

Length of Stay: 21 days

Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab

How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Was at The Riverside previously

Ms. Gigi was admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center on 12.3.2019 for surgical removal of a cancerous appendix. Prior to hospitalization, Ms.Gigi was very independent in the community, enjoying going to movies, and being with her friends. Cancer treatment and surgery occurred before Thanksgiving 2019. She underwent her 1st surgery to remove her ovaries, which were found to have cancer cells, and a section of her liver, which had cancer cells, as well. After undergoing her second surgery on December 4th, although she felt very weak, her faith in the Lord kept her strong.

Medical staff at the hospital recommended Ms. Gigi consider continuing her therapy at a skilled nursing and rehab facility. The patient recalled that she stayed at such a facility while recovering from knee surgery. At the time, her therapist’s name was Victor. He was very influential in her ability to walk again. Ms.Gigi asked the hospital social worker if a gentleman named Victor was still a therapist at The Riverside. When the social worker confirmed that there was a therapist named Victor, Ms.Gigi did not hesitate to choose The Riverside, as the community for her rehab. On December 10th, Ms.Gigi arrived at the Riverside in search of her favorite therapist, Victor Vicencio.

No sooner did Ms.Gigi arrive in her room, then she made a request to see Victor. According to Ms. Gigi, “I was beaming, I was so happy to see Victor, and to hear that he is now the Assistant Director of Rehab.” While the reunion was taking place, department heads went to greet Ms.Gigi, in person, to explain each of their roles. As Gigi stated, “when I first came to the Riverside five years ago, I was originally uncomfortable, but now I see familiar faces and I am feeling comfortable.”

The medical staff at Mt.Sinai felt Gigi needed to focus on accomplishing the following: increase mobility, transfer training, ambulate 150 feet with the least restrictive device. Riverside Medical Staff followed Mt. Sinai Oncology’s orders to ensure the cancer treatment would not be interrupted. As days passed, Gigi became more and more social on the unit. It got to the point where she knew everyone’s name and greeted all new admissions. Her therapy was improving more rapidly than expected. Hospital staff believed she would require months of physical and occupational therapy before returning home, however, within a 2 week period Gigi was taking her first steps, not only in reclaiming her freedom but rather walking all over the building as though she never had surgery. Gigi’s discharge date was set for New Year’s Eve. Upon discharge, a staff member asked her what will be your 2020 New Year’s resolution. She replied, “I will continue to place my faith in the Lord, and will not question his decisions. I am grateful to the Lord, my doctors, nurses, therapist, and friends for helping me through these difficult times.” On behalf of the Riverside Rehabilitation Center, we would like to wish Gigi a Happy and Healthy New Year to her and all of our residents. May this year bring strength to those in need and have a speedy recovery.