Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (August 2019)

Patients Age: 63

Admitted From: NYU Langone

Discharged To: Home

Length of Stay: 86 days 

Reason for Stay: Short-term rehabilitation

How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Previously a Guest

Mr. Thomas was admitted to the Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center from NYU Langone on June 2, 2019. Prior to arriving at The Riverside, Mr. Thomas was enjoying his newfound freedom after overcoming serious illness, resulting in toe amputations. He had a medical history of Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetic Neuropathy, Foot Ulcers, and amputations on the right foot. He credits the Riverside for teaching him the fundamentals of walking independently. Nearly a year after leaving the loving care of the Riverside, Mr.Thomas was walking on a splendid summer afternoon, when he felt a sudden pain in his left foot. Exercising caution, he decided to slow down for the rest of the day. The next morning, he awoke to his foot being swollen, and tender. The tenderness was so excruciating, he would tear up with the slightest amount of pressure. For a week he remained off his foot, and he began to feel the swelling go down.

A few weeks later he had similar pain in his foot, yet this time he saw something unusual along his heel. He immediately went to NYU Langone for medical attention. Medical staff admitted Mr. Thomas and began a process of tests. The diagnosis was Diabetes Mellitus, Osteomyelitis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, and a Navicular fracture. After spending 4 days in the trusted care of the medical staff at NYU Langone, the staff recommended he remain on IV medication for the treatment of Cellulitis, as well as refrain from putting pressure on his foot. For his health and wellbeing, the medical staff recommended to Mr. Thomas that he consider going to a Skilled Nursing Facility. Even before the hospital social worker showed him a list of different Skilled Nursing Facilities, he smiled and said. “There’s only 1 place for me, and that’s The Riverside Rehab.” Just like that Mr. Thomas’s journey to the Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center began!

Without skipping a beat Mr.Thomas entered the Riverside with his classic line, “ How you doing.” Staff members from the floors were walking over to him, shaking his hand, giving him the ultimate celebrity status. After telling the staff about his new freedom, and all the stories about what he has been up to. The Rehabilitation Department made sure; he would be working with the same therapist from his previous stay. After customizing a plan, Occupational Therapy took into account Mr.Thomas needed to stay off his feet. He was recommended 6 days of Occupational Therapy for the first 4 weeks. This would allow his microfracture time to heal, as well as allow the antibiotics to help treat the cellulitis. Treatment began upon arrival at the Riverside. Even while in pain, Mr. Thomas continued to make it a point to speak with every resident and staff member. Wheeling around in his wheelchair, he attended nearly every recreational therapy session. Within a matter of weeks, residents began calling him, “The Mayor.”

As the cellulitis treatment began showing positive results, with a less burning sensation. On August 12,2019 his surgeon gave Mr.Thomas the green light to remove the boot. The microfracture had healed, cellulitis was healed. The benefit of having ulcers on his feet made his recovery process even faster. He credits the Riverside Medical staff for their attentiveness. Once he returned to the Riverside with the good news, he immediately began more intense Physical Therapy. After 2 weeks of Physical Therapy he quote, “Ditched the wheelchair, for my perfectly good legs.” With minimal assistance, he was able to use a walker. Soon, Mr. Thomas was so comfortable and confident he decided with the blessings of the Rehabilitation Department to begin using a cane.

On August 30th, 2019 “The Mayor” of The Riverside, hugged staff members and walked out of the Riverside with his head held high. On behalf of the entire staff at The Riverside, we wish Mr. Thomas all the luck in the world and to keep on walking!