Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (September 2018)

Patients Age: 74- years- old
Admission Date: 8/22/2018
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/16/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 56 days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
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Kathryn B. was admitted to The Riverside on the 22nd of August 2018, from Mount Sinai Hospital, with a primary diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, depression, and anxiety. Kathryn was experiencing agitation as well a poor appetite which began to worry her husband and daughter. They felt it would be best that they send Kathryn to the emergency room. The physicians at the hospital monitored her closely and adjusted her medications according to what they felt would be best for her moving forward. The team at Mount Sinai felt that Kathryn would benefit from short-term rehabilitation. So after a three-week hospital stay, Kathryn was transferred over to The Riverside.

Upon admission to The Riverside, Kathryn’s husband requested a larger room, as he anticipated many visitors coming to see his wife during her stay at The Riverside. The concierge services team member coordinated a room change with the admissions department to accommodate Mr. B’s request.

As Kathryn began to settle in, a team of physical and occupational therapists came by for their evaluations. Upon initial assessment, Kathryn presented with generalized muscle weakness, impaired balance, and difficulty with ambulation which results in increased level of assistance needed with her activities of daily living (ADL). At this time, her ability to walk was limited to 50 feet at best.

The following morning, Kathryn and her therapists got to work. They practiced walking and from there proceeded to the exercise bike as well as various other strengthening exercises. Being that Kathryn suffers from Parkinson’s, there were days that she did not feel strong enough to participate in therapy but her dedicated therapists encouraged her to keep pushing herself, and she did!

After six weeks of intense therapy, Kathryn’s balance improved tremendously. Her endurance as well as her ability to reach out for things, has drastically enhanced. Upon admission to The Riverside, Kathryn was lucky if she was able to walk 50 feet before tiring out. At this time, she is walking 350 feet! This is an incredible accomplishment, especially for someone who suffers from Parkinson’s. The interdisciplinary team at The Riverside is anticipating that Kathryn will be ready for discharge on the 16th of October. Kathryn and her husband are excited to be returning home.

Kathryn’s husband shared, “When Kathy first arrived, she was weak as a pup. Now she is physically strong! throughout Kathy’s entire experience I had not one complaint. The concierge team was attentive and humorous, always accommodating asking what can we do. All of the staff were absolutely wonderful. Every single one from the nursing staff to the housekeepers. I would definitely recommend The Riverside to anyone needing a rehabilitation center for their family.”

The entire Riverside family wishes Kathryn and her family well along their journey to complete recovery.