Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (June 2021)

Director of Concierge: Daniel Farmer
Patient Age: 64 years old
Admission Date: 4/27/21
Admitted From: Bellevue
Discharge Date: TBD
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab

Details of experience:
For someone who has never had any major medical health issues or has had any internal reason to be at a hospital, diagnosing cerebral infarction (stroke) with mild paralysis is a tough pill to swallow. Unfortunately, this was Johnny’s reality. When Johnny started to feel weakness in his left side and fainted, his wife called an ambulance bringing him to Bellevue, where the infarction was discovered. Before this current stay at the hospital, Johnny shared that he had once been hit by a moving vehicle, treated, and left the hospital the same day.

As he prefers to be called, Johnny had a very difficult transition from Bellevue Hospital to The Riverside. Johnny was uninterested in participating in physical and occupational therapy, as his diagnosis was a big blow to his mood and desire to rehab. The stroke left Johnny with partial paralysis, and for someone who has such a free spirit and love for exploring, it put a complete halt on his plans. Struggling to find a pathway to reach Johnny, our phenomenal Urban Zen team actually made the first breakthrough. He is enamored with the Reiki massage provided by our Urban Zen specialist. It was then the opportunity to visit his devoted wife, loving daughter, and granddaughter, where we began to see a real change in Johnny as if he were reinvigorated. 

After spending two months at The Riverside, Johnny has begun to make tremendous strides in recovery. Since being admitted to The Riverside, Johnny transitioned from an inability to stand to walk 30-40 feet with one person’s assistance and the aid of a cane. Although Johnny is happy with where he is in his rehabilitation journey, he knows great strides are left to be made.

Johnny has stated that his inspiration for improving comes from his desire to get back in his 68 Mustang and cruising the coast with his wife, returning to work, where he is the Superintendent of three buildings.