Case Study: Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center (January 2018)

Patients Age: 92
Admission Date: 12/7/2017
Admitted From: NY Presbyterian Queens
Discharge Date:
Discharged To:
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Acute Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure, Hypertension, COPD, as well as chronic bronchitis
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Details of Experience:

Miss. Goldberg was admitted from NY Presbyterian Queens on the 7th of December with a diagnosis of Acute Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure, Hypertension, COPD, as well as chronic bronchitis. Miss. Goldberg lives with her son and his family in Queens, NY. One evening Miss. Goldberg was experiencing difficulty breathing, her son decided to bring her into the Emergency Room. Being that her carbon dioxide levels were elevated and the nurses at the hospital were unable to regulate it, they chose to place her on a respirator. Thankfully after two days, Miss. Goldberg was extubated. After several days of treatment at the hospital, the team felt Miss. Goldberg would benefit from Short Term Rehab.

Upon arrival to the Riverside, Miss. Goldberg received a beautiful greeting from various different Riverside team members who ensured each and every one of her needs were met. Prior to this hospitalization, Miss. Goldberg was able to walk 300 feet indoors with a walker as well as one and a half city blocks. She was able to sit and stand as well as perform all transfers with limited supervision. At this time, her mobility was extremely limited. She required Maximum assist x1 for transfers as well as sitting and standing and her balance was extremely poor. Even at the age of 92, Miss. Goldberg was determined to return home to her children, Grandchildren and Great grandchildren.

Day by day, Miss. Goldberg began to progress. She especially enjoyed the Urban Zen therapist paying her a visit to help her keep her relaxed.

We are closing in on two months since Miss. Goldberg has arrived at The Riverside and her therapists are thrilled with her improvement! Her endurance and balance have improved tremendously, which allows her to use the bathroom on her own with standby assist! She can also perform self-care techniques independently. All she needs is a little assistance setting things up. She has even gone up several flights of stairs! Upon admission to the Riverside, all of this seemed years away, but with the support and dedication of the rehabilitation and nursing teams, Miss. Goldberg is progressing ahead of schedule!

Additionally, she has been upgraded from a puree diet to a regular diet! Miss Goldberg shared “my therapists, Jessica and Elise, are extremely personable, sympathetic and understand human nature. They sat down and listened to my story, which gave me the confidence to work hard. When I first came to The Riverside I was unable to move or walk, with their support I am now able to stand and walk and I can’t believe it!” Miss Goldberg also shared she especially enjoyed the beautiful choir of young girls who came to sing to all of the residents at The Riverside for Hanukkah!

At this time the team does not have a discharge date set for Miss. Goldberg, but she knows that if she keeps up her progress, even at the age of 92, returning to her daily life is possible! The entire Riverside family wishes her the best of luck along her journey to complete recovery.