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Celebrating the Winter Season at The Riverside in Manhattan!



Chinese New Year Celebration

On February 8th we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with Harpist, Olivia Lui!  It’s the “Year of the Pig” and our residents, families, and employees will be treated with the sights and sounds of this special occasion.  Our attendees will be able to read their fortunes with a fabulous fortune cookie, witness an actual Dragon Dance, and sway to the melodious sounds of Chinese music from the harp and other recordings. Please make sure to stop by The Riverside for a bit of ancient Chinese culture! We cannot wait to see you! 

Sing-O-Gram Fundraiser

Come and see us on February 14th, as The Riverside’s Therapeutic Recreation Department will be at it again showcasing our annual Valentine’s Day Sing-O-Gram fundraiser.  The Riverside will be awash in shades of crimson, as the feeling of love travels throughout our community. Our residents and employees will be treated to secret Sing-O-Grams from admirers within our community.  Employees will have a chance to purchase and/or receive a song, along with a “Love Bear”, chocolate or roses, as the Recreation Department belt out love songs from the phenomenal Barry White, toe-tapping Steve Wonder, or “Ole Blue Eyes…The Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, just to name a few.  It’s always a fun event to see the surprise and pleasure on everyone’s face.

Black History Month Celebration

On February 27th, we will be bringing this month-long celebration to a close with an interactive program by Radio Personality/Story Teller, Malika Lee Whitney. Our residents will be treated to stories about African American figures in our storied and vibrant history.

The celebration is in observance and honor of those who made a difference, famous double-dutch skippers, and songs and poems of the Civil Rights movement.  Also, two days a week during February, the Recreation Department will continue to educate our employees and residents, as they highlight short biographies of prominent African Americans and those of storied descent throughout the diasporas. We are proud of our diverse community here at The Riverside, and excitingly look forward to celebrating all backgrounds and cultures.