Upcoming Events

Download our June recreation calendar for more exciting events!

Celebrating the Summer Season at The Riverside in Manhattan!




The month of June is right around the corner and The Riverside is ready to roll out some fun programs for our residents! 

June begins with our Summer Barbecue Events.  Our Summer barbecues kick off on June 5th.  Summer barbecues will be scheduled every other Wednesday on different floors until August 28th.  Along with our barbecues, the Sunshine Club will begin on Wednesday, June 5th.  The Sunshine Club is an opportunity for our residents to enjoy the fresh air and the scenery on Riverside Drive. They also have a chance to visit with the kids that stroll by and the frisky dogs that walk along Riverside Drive.

Creative Planting Class

Want to be “hands deep” in dirt?  Plan to join us for our Creative Planting Class.  Our residents will have a fun time potting and planting beautiful house plants to decorate their rooms and the dining room at The Riverside.  The hard work (really fun) begins on June 13th.  

Riverside Palooza

On June 18th, we will host our very own Riverside Palooza! Two entertainers from the community along with our Music Therapist and resident musician in the Recreation Department will treat our residents to a few original musical works and some popular tunes that they love.  The concert will be held in the Solarium in the Penthouse on the 16th floor.  We welcome families and friends to share in this special moment with us.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day, June 16th, is always a fun day at The Riverside.  We will be celebrating our Dads with a great concert and special gifts on this special day!  We invite families and friends to come and enjoy this free concert with one of our fabulous entertainers on this special day for Dads.